At Lewis Arms we stock many different types of guns and we also carry Mace . We are trained to help you find a gun that you are comfortable with the use of. We have several models that are specifically designed with female shooters in mind. We also stock some of the finest handbags available anywhere and they have gun compartments in them. Come to Lewis Arms and you will see for yourself that you will be treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve. 

Below are some of the posts in our website guestbook from the ladies.

Stephanie from Penacook, NH writes
This is the best store ever! Great collection, good prices, and extremely nice service to everyone. This is my #1 place for all my gun needs. I would live at this store if I could :)

Monica Trombly from Auburn, NH writes
Recently visited your shop in Bow for some firearms service and repairs. Was very impressed! Great service, friendly atmosphere. Brad was VERY helpful by offering a few suggestions in fixing my favorite hunting rifle, even made a couple necessary phone calls while I waited so I had answers to all my questions before leaving his shop. Although I love to hunt, I still have lots to learn about firearms and enjoy learning about them, but during all the questions I asked, not once was I looked at like a silly female martian with two heads, (LOL) thanx Brad and thanx again for all your help. I look forward to spreading the word about your great business, ( and have already began doing so!) and to doing future business with you. Sincerely, Monica M. Trombly

Mark and Chrissy Bennett from South Berwick, Maine write
HI, The wife and I found your place by accident today. What a "CHOICE" find. I bought/ordered a Remington 870 youth jr. 20 gauge for my wife Chrissy from Brad Lewis. This is to be her 1st shotgun & it was also her valentines gift ( I'll still buy flowers, I promise )She's shot my guns for years, but she's never had one to call "JUST HER'S".She never wanted to spend the money. So I thought she had waited long enough. I can't tell you how relieved and truly happy she was to have Brad talk directly to her and find out what SHE wanted. So many other places ( Riley's, Kittery Trading Post ) simply don't take the time to talk to women and sometimes us men. Customer service is dead at those other places, NOT AT LEWIS ARMS though! She is simply tickled pink about this whole experience. Although we live 40+ miles away in Maine, our gun's and shooting purchases will now be done at Lewis Arms. Thank you very much Brad.